60 minute private sessions 

$35 single session

$350 for a 10 session package. 

Includes 1 free session

60 minute semi-private sessions
$50 for 2 people OR

$25 a person for up to 5 people

$250 for 10 session package per person plus 1 free session

Customized Nutrition Programs

(Runs 16 weeks. Customized to ‚Äčeach individual) 

$225 for 1 person

$325 for 2 people

Fees and Services‚Äč

Here at Right Time Fitness, we use all the equipment to implement the best workout for you. Our programs may include flexibility, cardiovascular, weight, core training, and agility. We do this by utilizing the treadmill, elliptical, medicine balls, free weights, kettle bells, bands, and your own body's resistance. 

All programs are made up by the trainers and vary each time so the muscles are always challenged in a different way. Right Time Fitness is by appointment only and all appointments last 60 minutes. Appointments can be done by yourself, with a partner, or up to 5 people for boot camp sessions.

This is not a calorie in calorie out diet program like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. This is unique to each individual and works. Discounts will be awarded to anyone who signs up for both training sessions and the diet program.